Turquoise/Turquoise & White Jade Pair

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Half Turquoise and half White Jade 8mm semi-precious gemstones accented with a 14k gold plated pave’ ocean star fish. 

White Jade- Or Nephrite Jade, used primarily in Chinese art sculptures is a High Vibrational stone that increases insight and intuitiveness with the power to bring peace and calm to you when strengthening your connection with a lover or emotional healing.

Turquoise has been used by Kings, Warriors & Shaman for thousands of years. It’s colors range from Sky blue, Persian blue and Blue green. From Egyptians to the Persian and the Aztec & Mayan civilizations has placed great value on its healing properties.

The stone of Communication, Good Fortune and healer of old wounds, especially in the Throat Chakra & deeply connected to the breath. It’s peaceful cooling hues bring tranquility on a hot sunny day.


Suggestion: For long lasting durability, avoid direct contact with alcohol and perfumes. Tried and tested throughout the summer, it’s durability held up to perspiration and humidity of Florida weather.


Model Shown: Chokers shown in photos are 16” in length. Subsequent sizes after of 18”( base of neck) 20”, 22”& 24”